Coral Metronome

There are three ways to control Coral Metronome's features.
  1. Main Menu (mouse and/or keyboard)
  2. Speed Bar (mouse only)
  3. Pop-Up Menu (mouse only) Right mouse click anywhere within Coral Metronome to display the Pop-Up Menu.

All Coral Metronome features are available from the Main Menu system. The Speed Bar and Pop-Up Menu only have a subset of these features.

Figure 1.

Coral Metronome has five Main Menu items:

  1. File
  2. Active
  3. View
  4. Options
  5. Help

1. File Open Allows you to load a previously saved Coral Metronome file. All Coral Metronome settings will be reset. Coral Metronome files contain all information about a session, such as beats per minute, sound file, colors, etc.
Reopen Displays the last 10 Coral Metronome files which were opened/saved. Click on a filename to quickly and easily load different Coral Metronome settings. Use one Coral Metronome file for each song you are practicing.
Save As Allows you to save all possible Coral Metronome settings, such as Colors, Beats per Minute, Display Type, etc.
Exit Exits the program and saves all current settings. These settings will be reloaded next time you enter the software.
2. Active Stop Stops Coral Metronome. Coral Metronome will not run again until you select Play.
Play Starts Coral Metronome playing at the selected Beats per Minute.
Sound Toggles the sound on/off.
Record Activates the Windows Sound Recorder. Use this feature to record different sounds and load them into Coral Metronome. For example, record the note G and allow Coral Metronome to play in the same key as you.
Volume Activates the Windows Volume Control. Use this feature to control the both the record and playback volume. For playback, Coral Metronome uses .wav files, so only the Play Control and Wave Control will adjust the volume.
2. View Traditional Sets the display type to a swinging pendulum.
Pulse Sets the display type to two pulsating circles. The circles are either horizontal or vertical, depending on the shape of your window.
No Display Removes the Coral Metronome display. The sound will continue and only the Main Menu will be displayed.
Speed Bar Toggles the Speed Bar to be shown/removed. The Speed bar displays buttons for the three display types as well as the toggles for start, stop, and sound.
3. Options Program Colors Allows you to change the foreground and background colors of Coral Metronome. There are 16 colors available.
Meter Signature Allows you to program different musical measures. For each measure you may select the
  1. number of beats within the measure
  2. beats per minute of the measure
  3. number of times to play (repeat) the measure
  4. sound file to play.
    1. For example, the first measure could have four beats playing at 60 beats per minute. It would repeat itself twice and play the note 'A' for sound. The second measure would double the tempo. It would still have four beats, but it would change the beats per minute to 120 and would not repeat itself and play the note 'D.'
Help Help Displays Help for Coral Metronome (this window).
About Displays information about this version of Coral Metronome.