Meter Signature

The purpose of Meter Signature (Figure 1.) is to program Coral Metronome to display (visual and audio) the beats per song. For each measure there are four controls:
  1. number of beats per measure (Column 1, Figure 1.)
  2. number beats per minute (Column 2, Figure 1.)
  3. number of times to play/repeat the measure (Column 3, Figure 1.)
  4. sound file to play (Column 4, Figure 1.)

Figure 1.

Meter Signature Menu Options

There are three Menu items in the Meter Signature window:
  1. File
  2. Options
  3. Help

1. File Close Closes the Meter Signature window and saves all measure information.
2. Options New Measure Creates a new measure and places it after the existing measures. This feature is also on the Tool Bar. Within each measure, you may select the
  1. number of beats within the measure
  2. beats per minute of the measure
  3. number of times to play (repeat) the measure
  4. sound file to play
Delete Measure Deletes the current measure. The current measure is highlighted separately from the other measures and the color may be changed under Options from the main window. To select a measure, either click the measure with the left mouse button or press until the measure is highlighted. This feature is also on the Tool Bar.
Repeat Measures Toggles the repeat feature. If selected when Coral Metronome finishes playing all the measures, it will begin playing the measure list again beginning with the first measure. This feature is also on the Tool Bar.
3. Help Help displays Help for the Meter Signature (this information).