How To Use Coral Metronome

What is Coral Metronome

Coral Metronome is a tool used by musicians to practice all types of music, from scales, to symphonies, to rock and roll songs.. Coral Metronome marks specific time intervals with audio and/or visual signals and signals to the musician when specific musical notes should be played.

Main Screen Controls

Figure 1. displays the Coral Metronome window. The Speed Bar contains controls for quickly adjusting and changing Coral Metronome while the Main Menu contains controls that pertain to the functionality of Coral Metronome.

Coral Metronome Files

Each part of Coral Metronome may be saved to a disk, permitting musicians to save one file for each song, scale, or progression they are practicing. Coral Metronome also has a Reopen feature under the File menu for a quick and easy way of switching between songs. To Open, Save, or Reopen Coral Metronome files, please reference the File menu item. Coral Metronome also contains a complete octave of sample sound files.

Coral Metronome contains several sample files that you may select which change beats per minute as well as the audio file. From within the File menu item please click Open and select a 'Sample' file.

Programming Coral Metronome

Coral Metronome allows musicians to program songs, scales, and progressions. The ability to program Coral Metronome to change the beats per minute and sound file is a key feature to help musicians practice music. Please reference Meter Signature under the Options menu item.
Metronome Main Window Speed Bar Legend
Figure 1. Coral Metronome Main WindowFigure 2. Speed Bar Legend

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