Program Colors

Both the foreground and background colors of Coral Metronome may be changed. These colors affect the Traditional display, the Pulse display, and the Meter Signature window.

To change the foreground color, left mouse click on a color box. The color box will then display "FG" to represent that it is the foreground color. To change the background color, right mouse click on a color box. The background color box will display "BG." Figure 1 displays the Colors window.

The foreground color in the Traditional display pertains to the triangle that holds the Coral Metronome pendulum. This is the darker blue in Fig. 2. The lighter color is the background color. In the Pulse display the foreground color is the pulsating circle, which is the darker blue in Figure 3. The Meter Signature window uses the foreground color for the selected measure which is displayed with the darker blue in Figure 4.

Figure 1, Colors Window.

Figure 2, Traditional display.

Figure 3, Pulse display.

Figure 4, Meter Signature.