Why Use Coral Metronome?

Mechanical Metronomes

Mechanical metronomes are excellent learning devices for practicing tempo, but they are limited. Mechanical metronomes do not allow for a change in tempo or for a change in the sound (pitch, intensity, duration, timbre). Coral Metronome software, however, takes this into account and allows for a change in Tempo and sound. Finally the musician has the ability to practice entire songs.

The Benefit

Program Coral Metronome to change the tempo and sound!

The ability to program Coral Metronome will allow you to play along with various musical selections and will provide a dynamic and flexible learning environment. The ability to change tempo is an important part of playing music and should be integrated into your practicing. Coral Metronome will change the tempo automatically during a song allowing you to focus on the music you are playing, not the metronome settings.

Having Coral Metronome automatically change the sound allows the musician to confirm the notes, pitches, and tempo that were played, as if playing along with a teacher. Not only is it more advantageous from a learning point of view, it also makes learning more exciting.

Programming Options

Coral Metronome is completely versatile allowing you to program and save: For example, the first measure could have 4 beats playing at 60 beats per minute. It would repeat itself twice and play the note 'A' for sound. The second measure would double the tempo. It would still have 4 beats, but would change the beats per minute to 120. It would not repeat itself and play the note 'D.' For additional information on programming Coral Metronome please see the Meter Signature help topic.

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Coral Metronome may be purchased either online, by FAX or by phone. Please visit www.coralmusic.com/order.php now to purchase your copy of Coral Metronome. If you wish to try Coral Metronome out before you purchase, please download our demo at www.coralmusic.com/download.php.

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